Saturday, July 25, 2009


I have heard many people say, " All I want is to be happy!". With these words, they sit around and spend life in agony wondering when they will ever be happy, when will happiness 'find them' and if they will ever have peace.
I chanced upon a conversation with a friend about this very same topic and I offered him some advice with regard to this.

Happiness is not something to be waited on, you will sit forever and wait for it. Everyone wants to be happy and they spend so much time preparing for when the time comes for them to be happy or worrying that they will never be happy, that they let happiness pass them by.
Happiness is not a big moment we are to be waiting on, happiness is every day, every moment... the little things.
The little joys that each moment brings, be it a sweet sound or a cool breeze. It is in the little smiles we accumalate each day and in the little joys we ourselves create.
Stop waiting for happiness to come to you and realise you are happy , and that you need to live and stop waiting for the time to live, stop waiting for enough money or enough time or enough people to do something you want to do and enjoy your life.
Time flies and in the time you waste waiting for life to be happy and to be right, you'll miss all the great moments of your life and never get them back.

So take your days and hours and minutes and live, really live, do not wait for things to come to you, work towards them and revel in all the little things along the way...

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